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Jake and Rina Perform

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TangoMelbourne - Jake&rina Last Sunday of the Month Milonga

JAKE and RINA@Last Sunday of the Month

TangoMelbourne are pround to annouce the debut performance of the new Melbourne Tango performance couple, Jake and Rina. It wil be their first public performance together so get involved and support them by being there for them as they display their wonderful tango talents.

Milonga @ Casa Tango.

Only 10mins from the CBD all that have come to milongas or classes at CASA TANGO knows it has the best floors and most amazing views of Melbourne city. A warm and welcoming party atmosfere will ensure you have a fantistic night out with dancers from all over Melbourne. With the 2 dancing areas, one indoors and the other outdoors (weather permitting) you can enjoy amazing dancing views and friendship

Every Last Sunday of the Month

As long as TangoMelbourne have been around we have been organising 'Pop-Up' Milongas and our Last Sunday of the Month Milongas. To keep things new and fresh we sometimes change the venue.

So make sure to register with us to receive sms, like us on facebook or check the website so that you know exactly where to go.

New and exciting venues.

TangoMelbourne is known for taking tango into new and exciting locations throughout Melbourne.

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Check with the website for new monthly venues and locations

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