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Tango Melbourne Lessons

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Tango Lessons Melbourne

Tango Lessons in Melbourne

Tango can be approached in many ways. The most common is to attend group tango lessons then support the tango group lessons with private tango lessons. TangoMelbourne provides the highest level of fundamental tango understanding in Melbourne with a fun and enjoyable tango lessons.


Tango Lessons done right!

Tango lessons can make or break your entry and continued interest in Tango. Starting with the right teacher is vital to how you come to understand and explore the beautiful dance of tango. Tango Melbourne conducts two types of lessons.

  • Concept Based Tango Lessons
    These tango lessons are to understand the reasons, effects and outcomes of tango movement and actions. This method equips you with the tools to become the dancer you want without the constraints of the common sequences. Understanding the fundamentals enables students to develop and explore their unique approach to Tango through tango lessons are by definition conceptual not sequence based tango lessons.
  • Sequence Base Tango Lessons
    There are beautiful sequences within the traditional and modern tango repertoire. Tango lessons traditionally take these sequences and drill them into students to make them able to dance socially with other tango dancers. Tango Melbourne sequence tango lessons are have a small extension on the standard sequence tango lessons by providing the sequences as well as understanding the key concepts involved in the tango movements. This results in a greater sensitivity and connection throughout the dance, which is something we have found is the reason most people start Tango in the first place. 


TangoMelbourne is known for creating beautiful social dancers. Tango Melbourne lessons will place you in the company of some of the best dancers in Australia. Lessons in tango are a journey and we believe it is important to start that journey in the right place. Tango Melbourne is that place. 


With so many levels of lessons you will never be without. When you learn tango at Tango Melbourne you are able to learn how you want. Some people learn tango with steps and sequences others learn tango with concepts. Tango Melbourne is able to take you from tango beginner to tango god at your pace. 


Tango Melbourne Lessons

TangoMelbourne runs Tango lessons in many formats. Ranging from beginner group tango lessons and intermediate group tango lessons through to advanced tango training lessons and private tango lessons. TangoMelbourne's focus is to empower students with the skills to dance beautiful Tango. Our instructors will push even the most advanced dancers to their limit and have them excited with greater possibility.


When learning tango we understand that there are many things that lead to enjoying it as an amazing dance. One of the key elements to learning tango is practice and experience. So Tango Melbourne has looked at how we can get you out and dancing socially in the easiest and most enjoyable way.


Just do it,. get involved!!

There is only one step between you and one of the most rewarding skills you will ever have. You are already here looking... Stop looking and start dancing.


Affordable passion!

There are only 2 things you need to learn tango;
1. A pair of shoes (any shoes... we think you might have those)
2. A place to learn (we've got you covered there) 

The price of lessons vary on length and type class but learning tango has never been more affordable with Group classes ranging from $10 to $20 its going to be the better than spending it on another burger.

Check the TangoMelbourne calendar on for class details. Additionally contact us for private lessons or to discover our great community projects. 

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