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Beginner Tango - Overview

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Beginner Tango - Overview

Beginner Tango - Overview

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When TangoMelbourne set about the task of introducting Tango to everyone we realised that some people were not able to attend mainly because of location. This made us rethink our approach, and now TangoMelbourne is changing its beginner venues to give everyone a chance at experiencing the Argentine Tango.  In order to know where the next beginner tango classes and beginner tango courses are located register with to receive details in our newsletter or visit us on facebook. TangoMelbourne Facebook link You can also check the website for lastest news and locations of Beginner Tango Classes.

Beginner Level Classes/Introduction to Tango

The goal of any dancer should be to dance. With this in mind TangoMelbourne want to get their beginners out and about in tango ASAP. In our to do this we offer three types of beginner level learning: Beginner Tango Classes, Beginner Tango Courses and Private Beginner Tutition.

Our beginner tango classes are specifically designed to cater for beginner level dancers (usually dancing under 1 year). There is a 20 minute introductory component that will introduce novices to the concepts and general idea of tango.

The beginner tango classes are structured as an ongoing interest. This means every week you will grow your understanding of the fundamentals of tango working on them with greater and greater understanding for the information you receive.

Beginner 4 and 6 week courses 

While looking to acheive a dancable level in a short period TangoMelbourne have created a beginner tango course that is an intensive of either 4 or 6 weeks. The courses are run at Casa Tango the location for all intermediate and advanced Tango instruction as well as some TangoMelbourne Milongas.

During the 4 week course you will partake in 3 classes a week totaling 12 classes. With this intensive commitment you will be learning, practicing and retaining more information. This will also mean that within a month you will be attending any Milonga with confidence.

During the 6 week course you will partake in 2 classes a week totaling 12 classes. With this intensive commitment you will be learning, practicing and retaining more information and attending any Milonga with confidence within 6 weeks of starting the course.


Class details:

Tango Introduction:
Cost: $5

Tango Level 1:(Beginner)
Cost: $20

Tango Level 2:
Cost: $20

Tango Level 3: Wednesdays Only
Cost: $20

Monday Practica: Mondays Only
Cost: $5

Contact TangoMelbourne for details on the start dates of the next courses.

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