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Intermediate class - Overview

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Intermediate class - Overview

Intermediate Tango - Overview

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Being a intermediate tango dancer has its pros and cons. By now we know what we want to be as dancers but often have not been tought in a way that allows the freedom of expression. Some of the hardest stages of being a dancer is unlearning some of the flawed fundaments we may have learnt. The TangoMelbourne intermediate tango classes and course are specifically designed provide explanation of all elements of Tango.


Intermediate Courses

TangoMelbourne Intermediate courses offer a range of specific skill sets in focus. This allows all that attend to understand a skill and over the term of the Intermediate course build on the understanding until they have gained control over the concept and can present it in a clear dancable way. 


Tango Introduction FREE!

$20    1  Casual Class
$65    5  Class Pass
$100  10 Class Pass

$5 Practica (Mondays 9:00pm)

Class details:


Tango Introduction:


Tango Level 1:(Beginner)
Cost: $20


Tango Level 2:
Cost: $20


Tango Level 3: Thursdays Only
Cost: $20


Monday Practica: Mondays Only
Cost: $5

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