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Corporate Tango Course

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Tango corporate team building dance courses

Corporate Tango Team Building

What can Tango offer my team.

A wide range of activities has been used to promote team-building, leadership, and cooperation in the workplace and in schools. From paint-ball contests to wall climbing, these physical, group activities are challenging and enjoyable. The stress relief and shared fun they provide certainly build cooperation and productivity. But none of these offers the level of team-building that can be achieved through Group Dancing Activities.

In modern times, many of the skills that are important for business and professional success are also ones that foster good relationships. To be effective in today's highly interconnected world, people must learn to cooperate and communicate with each other. So it's no surprise that many organisations arrange team-building activities to foster better relationships and open communication. After all, these skills translate into productivity.

The era of the rugged individual has been replaced by the era of the team player. Leading an organization requires attention to the web of relationships through which all work is accomplished.

TangoMelbourne's primary focus is to bring you a unique and well balanced team building program that will enhance co-operation, communication and overall team cohesion. Argentine Tango requires a depth of physical communication it is at the heart of its appeal. As with all dance this communication is a language. The subtlty and dialogue in Argentine Tango is profound and often life changing.  It is the Shakespear of the dancing world.


Who's running the course

With over 20 years of combinded experience our course leaders are notibly some of the best Tango dancers in Australia. With international training and teaching experience they are equiped to offer the best possible outcome for you and your team.  


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Bring the passion and joy of Tango into the hearts and minds of your corporate team. Our Corporate Team building programs will have everyone focussed and revitised to face all the challenges your business has to offer.

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