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Argentine Tango
Wedding Dance Packages

Tango is known as the dance of passion and romance. What more perfect type of dance to perform on your special day. Wedding dances are a special moment in a newlyweds path to joyful union and something that will be remembered forever. Mark the occasion with the most romantic and connected dance in the world... The Argentine Tango.

In order to make the most of your special day TangoMelbourne has to together a few Tango Wedding Dance packages to get you up to speed and dancing Argentine Tango like a star for family and friends.  Packages range from private lessons in Tango through to complete Wedding Tango choreography's. As expected the learning of each individual changes and in your FREE consultation we can determine what is going to best suit your needs and timelines.

Some Brides and Grooms have their hearts set on a particular piece of music (often not tango music). Tango can be danced to almost any kind of music and if you are learning to improvise your tango wedding dance you will find that your choice of music will have a large impact on the way in which you will express the wedding dance as a tango. We also have the option of providing you with a wide selection of Traditional Tango Music which may add to the sense of occasion.

Packages can be tailored to your needs below are some of the standard packages and features we believe will enable you to make your first dance has husband and wife a most memorable success. 



  • Quick Fix Package
  • Basic Choreography Package
  • Intensive Training Package
  • Video Choreography Package
  • Complete unique package


Most often people that start dancing tango keep the skill for life. As they travel the globe they will find a social dance on any given night of the week and find themselves knee deep in the world of Tango. 

To encourage this beautiful way to see the world, both and home and abroad, TangoMelbourne give you lots of extras to inspire you to continue well after your wedding tango has been danced.

  • FREE entry to a MelbourneTango Milonga
  • FREE entry to a MelbourneTango Practica
  • FREE tango music CD
  • much much more...

 Packages Include:

  • Private Lessons
  • Choreography to choice of music
  • Selection of Tango Music
  • Choreography Video
  • Training techniques
  • Musicality lessons
  • Improvisational concepts

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