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Tango Fantasy - 4 Week Intensive

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TangoMelbourne - Tango Fantasy 4 week course

Tango Fantasy - 4 weeks of Tango

Inspiration and improvement

We all seek to enjoy the depths of Tango and all it has to offer but often forget that most often the joy comes through inspriation and personal improvement. Tango Fantasy is a 4 week course that looks to inspire new visions of tango and elements that becon the artist within. Exploring the Boleo, Volcada, Colgada and dancing them into a sequence participant will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the elements that make all these techniques so beautiful both to watch and do. 

Understanding control of the free leg is vital to leading the Boleo, Volcada and Colgada. This course will offer both leaders and followers techniques to enjoy the control of the free leg and express their dance as never before.

Session 1: BOLEOS - (Thurs 6th Sept)

Boleos can be a tangoers best friend or worst nightmare. Executed correctly the subtleties of the Boleo make it a beautiful and expressive movement both for leader and follower. On the other hand if executed without a complete understanding of the effects of the movement the Boleo can change from and instrument of expression to a device of torture.

Session 2: VOLCADAS - (Thurs 13th Sept)

Volcadas offer tension and dynamic structure to the softness of Tango. Its important to understand the critical elements of the Volcada in order to lead and follow it with accuracy and precision. The Tango Fantasy course will explain and explore the Volcada in depth so that all participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the balance points and structure of Volcadas. This will ensure your volcadas and responsive and controlled. 

Session 3: COLGADAS - (Thurs 20th Sept)

Colgadas may seem intimidating at first but with the right tips and tricks leading and following a colgada can rapidly evolve into an obsession. The sensation of axis and weight shifting can be one of the most rewarding in all of tango. This class will focus on developing a strong understanding of what to listen for in your partner when performing colgadas. As we find greater balance in our Colgadas we also find greater joy in trusting them and flowing with our partners.

Session 4: SEQUENCES - (Thurs 27th Sept)

Practice makes perfect and sequences make practice easier. Often we need to simplify our approach to dancing in this way creating dance sequences allows us to practice techniques without the stress of having to create the dance at the same time. This class will take the elements of the Boleo, Volcada, Colgada and place them into dancable sequences that we can use to build and practice the successful execution of all that has been learnt.

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