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Tango Fantasy 2 - 4 Week Course Featured

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TangoMelbourne - Tango Fantasy 2 - 4 week course

Tango Fantasy 2 - 4 weeks of Tango

Inspiration and improvement

Following the great success of Tango Fantasy we have extended the course concept further to TANGO FANTASY 2. You do not have to have participated in TANGO FANTASY 1 to join in. The courses conceptual nature allows you to explore an idea so that you can broaden your repertoire, increase sensitivity in your connection and have fun on the dance floor. Working in this format allows you to dance a concept like a boleo not just in one way but many different ways.

We all seek to enjoy the depths of Tango and all it has to offer but often forget that most often the joy comes through inspriation and personal improvement. Tango Fantasy is a 4 week course that looks to inspire new visions of tango and elements that becon the artist within. Exploring the Boleo, Volcada, Colgada and dancing them into a sequence participant will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the elements that make all these techniques so beautiful both to watch and do. 

Understanding control of position is vital to leading the Butterfly Boleo, Sacada and Gancho. This course will offer both leaders and followers techniques to enjoy the control of position and express their dance as never before.

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Session 1: BUTTERFLY BOLEOS - (Monday 8th Oct)

These are amongst the most beautiful movements in tango. Once you understand them, they are surprisingly easy to lead and follow. Danced correctly, they are a fun and safe move for the social dance floor

Session 2: SACADAS - (Monday 15th Oct)

Sacadas are a playful concept that feel great. Sacadas involve stepping through each others space which challenges us to remove our fears and better connect with our partner. 

Session 3: GANCHOS - (Monday 22th Oct)

Ganchos are a playful concept that feel great. Sacadas involve stepping through each others space which challenges us to remove our fears and better connect with our partner.

Session 4: SEQUENCES - (Monday 29th Oct)

Sequences allow us to view concepts in a structured format and link steps together so that we can work on smooth connected execution for the social floor.

Practice makes perfect and sequences make practice easier. Often we need to simplify our approach to dancing in this way creating dance sequences allows us to practice techniques without the stress of having to create the dance at the same time. This class will take the elements of the Butterfly Boleo, Sacada, Gancho and place them into dancable sequences that we can use to build and practice the successful execution of all that has been learnt.



A working understanding of ochos, leg extension, core and posture for leaders and followers. Book in advance (4 spots for leaders and 4 spots for followers).



7:30-9pm Monday (Commencing the 8th of October)


Casa Tango. 3 Jacks Way. Maribyrnong


$80 for course

Partner not necessary but feel free to bring someone or invite a tango friend to join you

TangoMelbourne - Tango Fantasy 2 course

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