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Tango Traditions - 4 Week Course

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TangoMelbourne - Tango Traditions - 4 week course

Tango Traditions - 4 weeks of Tango

Building on fundamentals

Tango Traditions is a course for all those wishing to deepen the understanding of traditional tango elements. Dance your traditional elements from anywhere at any time. The course is design for all levels and with these tips and tricks you will triple your tango repertoire in a few short weeks!

This course is a chance to explore traditional tango movements so that we may understand them in a broader context, allowing us to have endless amounts of fun on the dance floor. It is also a chance for those who have covered these concepts before to revisit them for greater understanding and strength; most of the time when there is difficulty in more complex moves, it is due to a weakness in the base concepts. Our goal with all our courses are to enhance your dancing pleasure through a stronger understanding of tango; we encourage you to bring notebooks, cameras and ask lots of questions..

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Session 1: ENDLESS PIVOTS - (Thursday 4th Oct)

One of the most used techniques in tango. Well executed pivots allow us to do delicate small ochos to dynamic over pivots as well as elegant changes of direction.

Session 2: CROSS FROM ANYWHERE - (Thursday 11th Oct)

One of the most playful concepts in tango. Contrary to popular belief and practice, the cross has more than one possibility and can be done forward, backwards on either side, as part of a turn or in a straight line. Heaps of fun for milonga or to dance to composers such as Canaro.

Session 3: DYNAMIC USE OF GIRO - (Thursday 18th Oct)

A great way to change direction, use as a tool wait for the people in front of you on the dance floor, or just to move and connect with your partner. A dynamic intense move or a comforting moment shared.

Session 4: EMBRACE AS STRUCTURE - (Thursday 25th Oct)

One of the things tango is known for above all other dances; the embrace/structure is the ultimate way in which we connect and communicate to each other. It is essential that we have sensitivity in our frame and strength in our structure (posture). How you hold someone is also one of the most beautiful points of expression.



A general understanding of the tango walk.



7:00-8:30pm Monday (Commencing the 4th of October)


Casa Tango. 3 Jacks Way. Maribyrnong


$80 for course

Partner not necessary but feel free to bring someone or invite a tango friend to join you

TangoMelbourne - Tango Traditions Course

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