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Tango 3 - Milonga Month May @ 9:00pm Thursday

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TangoMelbourne - Tango 3 Milonga Month

Tango 3 Milonga May 9pm, Thursday

Milonga Month (May)

This month Tango Melbourne will take you through an easy to understand and implement Milonga curriculum that will break habits and develop some deeper understanding of Milonga as a fun and energetic style of tango in the Tango 3 Classes.  Every month we choose a single subject and cover it extensively over the course of a month. This will mean that you will be able to understand deeply the concept and implement it in a meaningful and danceable way after only 4 weeks. 

This months subject is Milonga the wonderfully fun 2,4 time dance. We will get to the heart of the milonga as a music style and create some easy to implement methods to increase your dance skills in the Milonga style. The Tango Melbourne Milonga classes will build over the month with take home exercises and in class concepts to make dancing milonga a fun and joyful experience. We will make seemingly complex milonga concepts of half and double times into easy to understand and danceable ideas.  Along with clear weight change, cross and step ideas that will have you exploring the movement of milonga and owning it for more connection and enjoyment with you partner. If you are interested in understanding how to enjoy a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the milonga style of tango join us for what is shaping up to be exciting Tango 3 classes for Tango Melbourne. 

4 weeks on one tango subject means we get down to understanding and implementing it in the dance. 

Deeper understanding 

Thursday nights at the Welsh Church (9:00pm)Tango 3 classes are designed to expose and explore all the questions you have about tango movement and connection. Described as the world's most connected dance, Tango is a complex dance that pushes you to experience a depth and communication unlike any other. Creating this connection takes understanding and practice. Tango 3 provides you with tools beyond sequences and steps and explores the true nature of connecting in dance. Deeper understand the nature of tango movement, embrace and connection. These classes will always leave you knowing more and challenging the depth of tango. This class will expand your skills and deepen your understanding. This class is for experienced dancers only. If you have done the Tango 2 classes. Come and see us and embrace one of the most reward journeys you will ever make.

Monday @ Exford Hotel - 199 Russell St. Melbourne. ( upstairs in the wintergarden room)

Mondays Class is held upstairs in the wonderful Windergarden room at the Exford Hotel in the CBD of Melbourne. This great venue is convenient for anyone in the city on a monday. The Free introduction class from 6:30 will break the ice and get you into the mood for the Beginner class at 7pm followed by Tango 2 at 8pm then $5 Practica from 9 until Late.

Tuesday @ Welsh Church - 320 LaTrobe St. Melbourne. 

Tuesdays Class is held wonderful Welsch Church at the top of the CBD of Melbourne. This great venue is convenient for anyone in the city on a Tuesday. The Free introduction class from 6:30 will break the ice and get you into the mood for the Beginner class at 7pm followed by Tango 2 at 8pm

Thursday @ Welsh Church - 320 LaTrobe St. Melbourne. 

Due to popular demand TangoMelbourne has started another night of tango... on Thursday. The Thursday Tango classes will consist of the Free intro (6:30), Tango 1 (7pm), Tango 2 (8pm), & Tango 3 (9pm - every month explores a different core concept for the entire month).



Every Monday @ Exford Hotel - 199 Russell St. Melbourne
Tuesdays @ Welsh Church - 320 La Trobe St. Melbourne
Thursdays @  Welsh Church - 320 La Trobe St. Melbourne



Tango Introduction FREE!

$20    1  Casual Class
$65    5  Class Pass
$100  10 Class Pass

$5 Practica (Mondays 9:00pm)


Class details:

Tango Introduction:

Tango Level 1:(Beginner)
Cost: $20

Tango Level 2:
Cost: $20

Tango Level 3: Thursdays Only
Cost: $20

Monday Practica: Mondays Only
Cost: $5

Class description:

Tango intro:
Never done Tango? This is the perfect class for you! Easy, clear introduction to a fantastic dance! Then stay on for the Beginners class if your feet are itching to do more....

Tango Level 1:
This fun class that builds confidence on the social floor. Understand the first elements of the worlds most connected dance. Explore the tango embrace, the music and the connection that allows you to communicate without words.
Tango is for everyone, have a great time, meet new people and dance!

Tango Level 2:
This class is designed to take you deeper into the world of Tango. Improve your technique, allowing your dance to feel more balanced, entertaining, and connected..

Tango Level 3:
Advance your fundamentals and your understanding of Tango traditions, as well as been up to date with the most current ideas and movements in the International Tango Community.

For any further information on classes or private lessons, please contact us. We hope to see you on and off the dance floor in the coming days.
Join in the friendly community of TangoMelbourne and enjoy a dance in a wonderful space!

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