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Popup No.1 - 7th Jan True South Featured

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TangoMelbourne - 2015 popup milonga

Pop-up 1 @ True South!

Continue the summer pop-up series at True South

TangoMelbourne continues the Pop-up season with one of the favorite venues from last pop-up milonga season. True South is a great location in Black Rock with beautiful seaside views of the Bay.  All are welcome to enjoy the warm hospitality of the TangoMelbourne Pop-ups for what is sure to be an amazing night of Tango.  With an Argentinian chef cooking up some amazing traditional dishes TangoMelbourne invites you to indulge in more than just dancing.

More than just a dance Tango is about connection. It's going to be a wonderful night of fun and unique tango experiences, with a beautiful seaside sunset view @ about 8:30.

DJ Jake and Doni Duel!

In a rare guess appearance Jake Hart, one of Melbourne's tango aficionados will be DJing with Doni at the True South Pop-up Milonga!


Pop-Up 1 Details

TangoMelbourne will be hosting a series of Pop-up Tango events.
The Second Pop-up Milonga will be at:

True South Bar and Grill.
298 Beach Rd. Black Rock

Wednesday 7th of January 2013

8:00pm until 12:00am


Weekly Tango Classes Details

TangoMelbourne hosts weekly group tango classes as follows.


Weekly Classes time and locations:

Every Monday @ Exford Hotel - 199 Russell St. Melbourne
Every Thrusday @ South Yarra Baptist Hall - 12 Surry Rd. South Yarra
All classes include Free Entry to Practica that follows class.


Tango Introduction FREE!
$15 1 Class
$25 2 Classes
$30 3 Classes


Class details:

Tango Introduction:

Tango Level 1:(Beginner)

Tango Level 2:
Cost: $15

Tango Level 3:
Cost: $15

Class description:

Tango intro:
Never done Tango? This is the perfect class for you! Easy, clear introduction to a fantastic dance! Then stay on for the Beginners class if your feet are itching to do more....

Tango Level 1:
This fun class that builds confidence on the social floor. Understand the first elements of the worlds most connected dance. Explore the tango embrace, the music and the connection that allows you to communicate without words.
Tango is for everyone, have a great time, meet new people and dance!

Tango Level 2:
This class is designed to take you deeper into the world of Tango. Improve your technique, allowing your dance to feel more balanced, entertaining, and connected..

Tango Level 3:
Advance your fundamentals and your understanding of Tango traditions, as well as been up to date with the most current ideas and movements in the International Tango Community.

For any further information on classes or private lessons, please contact us on: 0411083501. We hope to see you on and off the dance floor in the coming days.
Join in the friendly community of TangoMelbourne and enjoy a dance in a wonderful space!

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Tango Melbourne
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