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Tango Melbourne has a range of services beyond group classes.

These range from corporate team building events to wedding dance and performance based events.

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We choreography any type of dance style, making your dance for your special day perfect!

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We are currently setting up our SHOP to purchase online tango gifts.
However, as it is not completed us of yet please contact Tango Melbourne directly to place your order.

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Tango Melbourne at your event.

Performance is a large part of the Tango Melbourne professional engagement. We can provide performances for any level of event.

There is more to tango than just dancing. Because of the complexity of mind and body in conjunction with another mind and body Tango is known equally for its direct correlations to life coaching. It is being used to treat Alzheimers desease, creating empathy in corporate team dynamics, psychological modification and many more. Contact Tango Melbourne to discuss the potential for Tango at your event.

Corporate Team building

Is your space big or small? Do you want to have the bridal party involved in your wedding dance? We can help you with any of your wedding dance needs

Wedding dance

Contact Tango Melbourne to get your Wedding dance underway. So many people leave it to the last moment. Get started today and give yourselves the best change of making your wedding dance amazing

some of the many we've worked with!

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We do more than just dance!

Wondering about tango

Dancing tango is used to in so many ways in social and team environments.

Creating friends and dancing are the obvious aspects of tango however, Tango can go far beyond this.  With tango you can build confidence, understand how to interact with kindness and empathy,  create better cooperative abilities and much, much more.
There are also medical conditions that tango is also being used to help such as Parkinsons disease. The benefits of Tango is a well documented area, you can’t go wrong getting you or your team involved in this amazing artform.  Contact Tango Melbourne now to find out what we can do for you and your team.

Beginner Tango Classes

Tango Melbourne Beginner Classes are fun and easy to do!

Intermediate Tango Classes

Our intermediate tango take you beyond beginner tango ideas.

Advanced Tango Classes

The Advanced Classes are designed to get you to an international standard.

Specialty Tango Courses

Tango Melbourne runs many specialty tango courses that require registration.


Tango Classes for new friends

Tango classes open doors that would not have been there before. Tango classes give you more than a dance it gives you access to world wide family of potential friends. People that share a love of friendship through the central idea of dancing tango!

Tango classes for fun

Tango Melbourne tango classes are full of joy, fun and friendship. There are so many way in which you can get involved with the joy of Tango. Learn tango, meet new people, discover the music and much much more!

Tango classes and travel

Once you know a little tango you will find an entire world of friends opens up to you. Beyond learning with Tango Melbourne you have a whole world of tango classes and tango learning to look into.  If you travel to a new city anywhere in the world you will find a tango class. When you find tango classes you find 100 new friends. Start traveling with tango and make the most of  the destinations you visit.

Tango for health!

Learning Tango is an amazing way to get fit. It is low impact and low intensity, but in this way if offers really strong health benefits. Once you are hooked on tango we can often dance for 3 to 4 hours a night continuously and a lot more if it is at a festival. Tango Festival events often dance for no less than 7 hours at a time.

This is entertaining fitness because you will be having so much fun interacting in the dance.

Tango for problem solving!

Tango is a dance that can go way beyond knowing moves and steps.  At Tango Melbourne we encourage our students to be problems solvers.  It is one of the most fun parts of learning Tango. We give you the tools to think of the dance from your perspective and be able to problem solve any technical or creative movement limitation is found.

Tango can make you feel creative with another person!

Beginner Tango Classes

We make learning Tango fun and easy!

The Tango Melbourne beginner tango classes are designed to make Tango fun and easy to learn while still getting very strong fundamentals. We want to share this amazing dance with you so the Tango Melbourne team has worked very hard to create the easiest and best first tango classes there is!

“Tango Melbourne got me dancing tango… within an hour I had enough to start social dancing!”

Get started today! No experience necessary. No partner required. Everyone is welcome! Get fit! Have fun and make new friends! Create wonderful new memories while learning to dance!

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What others are saying!

A friendly and welcoming community that made me feel one of the gang from the moment I stepped through the door. A high quality and fun teaching program, got me confidently dancing sooner than I imagined.

Lauraine McDonald

– On Google Reviews
If you want to learn to tango THIS IS THE WAY. These teachers are phenomenal and it’s a really casual and friendly environment to learn in.

Stephen Cuttriss

– On Google Reviews
Tango Melbourne is your total tango experience, amazing teachers, super nice crowd and two cool venues. It’s seriously life changing, not to mention the perfect excuse to buy fabulous shoes.

Maria Chirikina

– On Google Reviews

Be happy. Dance Tango.

Tango dancing is much more than what we see in the movies.

Tango is a social dance. 

Discover the worlds fastest growing social dance but,

be warned it can be highly addictive!!!

Weekly Group Classes

+ students attended

Years of tango melbourne

Internationally Recognised Teachers

The Tango Melbourne teachers are invited to teach in tango schools and communities around Australia and the world. Last year they toured Europe for 3 months teaching and performing in over 15 communities from Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels and many more.

We are social tango dancers.

All Tango Melbourne teachers love dancing tango socially! Tango Melbourne teachers are all regulars on the Melbourne social tango scene, commonly dancing 4 – 5 nights every week.  Tango Melbourne not only runs events in the Melbourne tango scene but we attend every event we can to support anyone trying to be part of this amazing art form. Tango Melbourne teachers believe that we are so lucky to do what we love and if you go social dancing tango anywhere in Melbourne on any night of the week most likely you have seen more than one of us dancing tango social or even possibly performing.

We are proud of our standards.

Tango Melbourne teachers pride ourselves on producing arguably the best social tango dancers in Australia, but more importantly contributing the most amount of New dancers to the Melbourne Tango scene.  We love to see you out dancing! Our obsession with tango constantly drives us improve.  Our study of cutting edge of educational theory and methodology, bio mechanics, communication, and psychology places beyond the general tango educator. Most importantly allows us to create an easy and fun approach to tango that is unique and very effective. All of this is why Tango Melbourne successfully conduct seminars on our teaching methodology to tango schools throughout the world.

Tango-Melbourne-Teacher Doni

"Its the perfect man dance!  Tango is not about fancy.. its amazing!!! ."



International Touring Instructor

"We love sharing this beautiful dance with others and seeing the joy that it creates. It feels like true connection."



International Touring Instructor
Tango Instructor Jason

"Tango helps us to explore connection to others in a safe and easy way. Let's find your tango together "


Principle resident Instructor

Tango changes everything

Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world and connect with complete strangers .

Tango events are a way to meet new people and create more meaningful travel experiences connect through dance.