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Tango is coming back from COVID!!


Which classes are on next?

Tango Melbourne is all about enjoying your tango journey.
When creating our membership our main goal was to get people doing more tango.

$33 per week UNLIMITED sessions.

That’s less than $2.50 per session.


tango + training = joy

Tango Melbourne has moved online and is offering a wide range of tango technique and training sessions.

All online tango classes are included in your Membership.

12 weekly livestreams

Tango Melbourne has 12 tango classes a week
So you can get your tango fix when you want it!

Attend any livestream

With the tango classes online you won’t effect anyone but yourself.  This means you can attend all levels of classes whenever you want!

Focus on your tango goals

Online tango lessons give you the opportunity to focus on your own goals and outcomes.  There is noone watching or judging you so you can let loose!

We love Tango

Don’t let COVID 19 stop you growing your Tango.
Use it as an excuse to just focus on yourself!

Tango Melbourne has developed an entirely new way to learn tango technique and train tango ONLINE.

Most importantly its easy and Fun!

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Jump start your Tango

Private Tango Lessons are next level.

Private lessons are the best way to jump start your tango dancing.  Tango Melbourne is offering private lessons in our private studio. We pair you with teachers to suit your learning style and goals! Private Tango lessons packages are available to get you going or growing faster in Tango.

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A message to members from Doni & renee

We are excited to have you as a member to Tango Melbourne.  It is our goal to share our love of Tango and movement with you.  We are always looking to improve the experience for our members and as such we invite feedback and communication.  Here are some thoughts on how we approach both movement and teaching.

We are social tango dancers.

All Tango Melbourne teachers love dancing tango socially! Our teachers are all regulars on the Melbourne social tango scene, commonly dancing 4 - 5 nights every week.  Tango Melbourne not only runs events in the Melbourne tango scene but we attend every event we can to support anyone trying to be part of this amazing art form. Our teachers believe that we are so lucky to do what we love and if you go social dancing tango anywhere in Melbourne on any night of the week most likely you have seen more than one of us dancing tango social or even possibly performing.

We are proud of our standards.

Tango Melbourne teachers pride ourselves on producing arguably the best social tango dancers in Australia, but more importantly contributing the most amount of New dancers to the Melbourne Tango scene.  We love to see you out dancing! Our obsession with tango constantly drives us improve.  Our study of cutting edge of educational theory and methodology, bio mechanics, communication, and psychology places beyond the general tango educator. Most importantly allows us to create an easy and fun approach to tango that is unique and very effective. All of this is why Tango Melbourne successfully conduct seminars on our teaching methodology to tango schools throughout the world.

Tango-Melbourne-Teacher Doni

"This is the most manly dance there is! Its just like a language but the words are steps... its amazing!!! ."



International Touring Instructor

"We love sharing this beautiful dance with others and seeing the joy that it creates. It feels like true connection."



International Touring Instructor
Tango Instructor Jason

"Tango helps us to explore connection to others in a safe and easy way. Let's find your tango together "


Principle resident Instructor

Tango Melbourne is growing!

The Tango Melbourne dance studio is constantly growing both online and realworld.
Stay tuned to some new online classes and venues opening up in the near future!

some of the many we've worked with!

Tango changes everything

Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world and connect with complete strangers .
Tango events are a way to meet new people and create more meaningful travel experiences connect through dance.